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Meet the Team Behind the Plays

FAVORITE ROLES PART 5 – Company Artists get reflective about their favorite roles over the years in this final look back during quarantine from COVID 19 pandemic.


Part 5 stars: Andria Kozica, Gerry Fuentes, Kathryn Farren, Olivia Schlueter-Corey, Greg Prusiewicz, and Susie McCarthy. Edited by Holly Baker-Kreiswirth

LIGHTNING ROUND QUIZ – with Dead Man’s Cell Phone Cast 

Live Stream Events – Free and DWYC Access 

Past Live Stream Events

Want to see MORE LIVE STREAMS? Some recorded readings will be available on demand after the live presentation. Use the same registration link or click the titles below to access the recording on YouTube and enjoy at your convenience! 

Past Live Stream Events To View on YouTube:

4/19/203 Couples / 3 Short Plays (& a Teaser) by Kathryn Farren 

4/26/20Half Life by Doug Mattingly

5/4/20 – Days of Possibilities by Rich Orloff

5/23/20 – Home Fires Burning by Syrie James

6/13/20 –M*A*S*H A Night at Rosie’s by Ken Levine & David Isaacs

Little Fish – Web Series

Original 6 Part Web Series created by Kathryn Farren. A small troupe of actors find themselves out of work and unsure how to make art in this time of Coronavirus. Written & directed by Kathryn Farren. Produced by Daniel Gallai. Music by Brandy Loves Alexander. Starring:  Margaret Schugt, Olivia Schlueter-Corey, Greg Prusiewicz, Ryan Knight, Kathryn Farren, Brian O’Sullivan, Don Schlossman, Bill Wolski, and Daniel Gallai.  

FINALE – Episode 6 – “She went all Jiminy Cricket on my A*S!”

EPISODE 5 – Art makes the world a better place!

EPISODE 4 – What’s a director to do?

EPISODE 3 – Little Fish enlist the troupes to devise a plan to “save LFT”. 

EPISODE 2 – Continuing adventures of Little Fish as they head into quarantine!

EPISODE 1 – Wait, What?!?

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More Meet the Team Behind the Plays

FAVORITE ROLES – Testimonial Series   The Company Artists share their favorite roles at LFT over the years.

Part 4 –Madeleine Drake, Melissa Brandzel, Ryan Knight, Lucia Lopes, Tara Donovan

Part 3 – Amanda Karr, Brian O’Sullivan, Melissa Booey, Doug Mattingly, Holly Baker-Kreiswirth

Part 2 – Jim Rice, Margaret Schugt, Allen Barstow, Bill Wolski, Branda Lock

Part 1 – Shirley Hatton, Daniel Gallai, Jessica Winward, Richard Perloff

MORE Behind the Plays videos, check out: The Cast of Becky’s New Car by Steven Dietz 

Company Member Spotlights  

#1 – Shirley Hatton
“Life has changed so rapidly these last few weeks that my head is still trying to sort it all out. Three weeks ago I was in the middle of our run for the play ‘Deadman’s Cell Phone’ at LFT.”   continue reading

#2 – Richard Perloff

 “It’s an unusual time to be a theatre artist, for obvious reasons. Whatever else theatre might be, it’s a communal experience, and that’s exactly the sort of thing we can’t be doing these days.”  continue reading

#3 Amy Zidell
“Pandemic time is not a good time for procrastination” continue to video

Classes – Live and Recorded

Easy Chair YogaRelieve some quarantine stress with Maire-Rose Pike!

Grab your Guitar – SHMRF Songwriting Tips with Doug Mattingly!

Lucia Cooks Banana Bread – Lucia Lopes shares her comforting treat.

Lucia Cooks Quiche – Lucia Lopes does a Portuguese spin on Quiche

Community Member Spotlights 

#3 Grand Vision Foundation / Grand Annex – Liz Schindler Johnson

“My heart really goes out to the all the musicians and other professional artists and actors who have seen their livelihoods just evaporate in the last little while…”     continue reading

Instagram Interviews 

Engaging one-on-one interviews with LFT artists and playwrights. Live-streamed to Instagram.

coming soon


Short Films

DADDY – an original horror genre short by the Mattingly Boys  (2 Mins)

Trigger warning: PG for suspenseful, scary music. 

An original Short Film entry in the ROGER CORMAN QUARANTINE FILM FESTIVAL. Sound & Music by Company Member Doug Mattingly with voiceovers by Branda Lock.   

You and Eye – an isolationship by  Kimmy Shields and Perry Shields!

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