Pick of the Vine

Pick of the Vine 2021 Semi-Finalist Scripts
(in alpha order)
A Book By Any Other Cover by David MacGregor
A Play by Theodore Janus by Jonathan Cook
Accountant from Hell by Barry Wood
Annie and Frannie Go to the Mall by Don Goodrum
Bernice’s Birthday by Brigid Amos
Big Dogs by James Odin Wade
Burnt Ends by Starina Johnson
Business is Business by Patrice Hamilton
Captain Cockroach by Ryan M. Bultrowic
Childish Things by Arthur M. Jolly
Close Harmony by Dave Carley
Contact! by Rideaux A. Baldwin
Double Entendre by L.H. Grant
Elemental by Brandon Cahela
Ever After by Michael Waterson
Everything But Dead by Richard Lyons Conlon
Face to Face by Erik Gernand
Free Pass by Tom Baum
Harv’s Surrprise by Michele Markarian
Heart Attack Zack by Amanda Weier
Indivisible by Ann-Giselle Spiegelr
Inflight by Tom Walla
Inside & Out by William Triplett
Jennie Webb by Jennie Webb
Just Like Magic by Sonya Hayden
Letting Go by Shelli Pentimall Bookler
Love in the Time of COVID-19 by Germaine Shames
Mixed Nuts by George J. Bryjak
Morning. Noon. Night. by Michael P. Adams
Palau by Rob Salerno
Purgatoromeo by Joan Milburn
Radio Play by Cisco Montgomery
Regifting by Steven Korbar
Remembered by John Mabey
Reservations by Kristine Mietzner
Riddles by Ross Tedford Kendall
Roadside Attraction by Peggy Powell
Santa’s Dolphins by Patrick Gabridge
Science Friction; or, The Rapid Deconstruction of a Rational Mind by Ken Preuss
Shine Strong the Moon by Kathleen Tomko
Single@63 by B.D.D. Parker
Snickerdoodle by Christian Gallagher
Snow Ga-D’oh by Lynn Aylward
Someone Else’s Dooby Dooby by Jeff Dunne
Stress for Success (at Our Lady of the Bleeding Heart, Mind and Spirit – Once Reformed) by Terence Patrick Hughes
Surf’s Up! by Ken Levine
That Scottish Cat by Kevin Delin
The Aloha Life by Jean Koppen
The Dobler Effect by John Minigan
The Job Interview from Hell by Chris Irby, Sean Freeman
The Person in Charge by Loretta Bolger Wish
The Properties of Mint by Eli Effinger-Weintraub
To Good Home by Elizabeth Cava
Tonight at the Stage Door by Donald Loftus
Unmasked by Kathy Kafer
Water, Water by Dean Bevan
Where Did We Go Wrong?! by Jim Sampson
Where the Fireworks Come From by Michael Pisaturo
Working from Hideout by Jack Karp

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