Company Membership


Little Fish Theatre Company is an Artists’ ensemble and programming is steered by those within the company.  We have a Two Tier Membership Company with differing volunteer expectations and benefits for each level.

Meet our Company Members

Some benefits of TIER ONE Membership include:
Preferential casting; consideration of suggested plays for each season; participation in the annual Pick of the Vine New Works selection committee; complimentary use of the space for personal rehearsing or presenting classes, upon availability. Volunteer involvement in keeping the theatre operational (outside of performing) and production participation is expected at this level. Voting rights.

TIER TWO Membership: Advanced casting notification, named on membership roster, and discounted tickets. Minimal participation is expected. Non-voting.

For information on joining the company and to receive COMPANY MEMBER GUIDELINES, email

TIER ONE *= Founding Member

Lisa Coffi* — Board Member

Suzanne Dean* — Board/Actor

Stephanie Coltrin Beyries — Director

Holly Baker-Kreiswirth — Director/Actor/Press Relations

Allen Barstow — Actor

Tamara Becker — Props

Natalie Beisner — Actor

Caroline Benzon* — SM/Composer

Melissa Booey

Stephen Carver — Actor

Tara Donovan — Actor

Madeleine Drake — Actor

Iyan Evans — Actor

Kathryn Farren — Actor

Geraldine Fuentes — Actor

Chiquita Fuller — Actor

Daniel Gallai

Bridget Garwood — Actor/Social Media

Mike Ghekiere – Actor

Michael Hanson — Actor

Daryl Hogue — Actor/Sets Painter

Andy Kallok* — Actor

Amanda Karr — Actor

Ryan Knight — Actor

Hannah Kreiswirth — Actor/ASM

Adriana Lambarri — Costumer

Rachel Levy* — Actor

Mary-Margaret Lewis — Actor

Branda Lock

Lucia Lopes — Actor

Diana Mann — Actor/Costumer

Dori Martinek — ASM

Susie McCarthy — Actor

Brian O’Sullivan – Actor

Kimberly Patterson — Actor

Richard Perloff — Actor

Maire-Rose Pike — Actor

Greg Prusiewicz — Actor

James Rice — Director/Actor

Rodney Rincon — Actor/Tech Asst

Shirley Ritter(AEA name) also, Hatton — Actor

Don Schlossman — Director/Actor

Olivia Schlueter-Corey — Actor

Margaret Schugt — Director/Actor

Perry Shields — Director/Actor

Teresa Stirewalt — SM

Daniel Tennant — Actor

Kristina Teves — Actor

Annie Vest* — Actor

Patrick Vest* — Director/Actor/BO

Bill Wolski — Actor/Crew

Cylan Brown — Director/Actor

Cindy Shields — Actor

Don Warburton -aea name (Dan Adams) — Actor

Jessica Winward — Actor

Ivan Lovegren — Actor

Andria Kozica — Actor