Audience Experience


You will be missing something big if you don’t see this show–only 5 performances left!

Yesterday we were in the front row of our favorite intimate playhouse, Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro, Ca., for an astounding performance of “The Country House” by Donald Margulies, directed by Holly Baker-who is a star in so many ways. The directing, set design, lighting, costumes, music, casting–all of the parts were perfect accompaniments. The actors praised the script and scriptwriter but without great acting, nothing matters.

Every member of this well-chosen, stellar cast outdid themselves with a demonstration of amazing talent that could compete or win over any of the theaters we’ve been to around the world. All of the actors, Belinda Howell, Frannie Morrison, Richard Perloff, Marie Rose Pike, Patrick Vest, and Bill Wolski performed brilliantly. They made us like every one of them, in spite of their unlikeable actions and words–and maximized the impact of the many comic moments. Bill, especially, carried out his not-so-funny role in a way that smacked us between the eyes and gave a punch to the gut–forming a permanent sense of having seen a once in a lifetime production.

As my husband said in the “Talk Back” (another great privilege and learning experience) afterward with the actors, we feel privileged to be able to be in the presence of talent of this caliber. Great lip-breaking all! (P.S. Just to clarify, we are huge fans!) ~ Judy ~


I’m so glad that I got to see The Cemetery Club before it ended on Sunday.  It was WONDERFUL!  Truly one of your best.  All the actors were excellent and I love the seating layout you did for it.  I was with 6 other ladies and as they say – We all laughed and we all cried.  I signed up for 6 more tickets before I left. Thank you…

~ Nancy ~