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The Country House
directed by
Holly Baker-Kreiswirth

Apr 4 – Apr 28, 2019
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Gathering in their Berkshire home during the Williamstown summer theater season, a family of actors wrestles with fame, art and, as always, each other. But when the events of the weekend go off-script, secrets are spilled and bonds are broken – threatening an already fragile foundation of a home brimming with old memories, new love, and discarded dreams. “A valentine to the artists of the stage.” – NEW YORK TIMES

Dead Accounts
directed by
Branda Lock

May 16 – Jun 9
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Quick-witted Jack, a banker from New York, unexpectedly returns home to Ohio after several years in the Big Apple. His smart, acerbic, and yearning-for-more sister, Lorna, and his worried and talkative mother, Barbara, immediately suspect he is in some kind of trouble. Their suspicions are confirmed when Jack’s estranged wife, Jenny, comes to town and reveals that Jack has stolen 27 million dollars. Set in a kitchen in suburban Cincinnati, this comedy tackles the timely issues of corporate greed, small- town values, and whether or not your family will always welcome you back, with no questions asked.

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