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The Nerd at Little Fish Theatre San Pedro The Nerd at Little Fish Theatre San Pedro
The Nerd
directed by
Don Schlossman

Jul 3 – Jul 28, 2019
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This side-splitting comedy is about a young architect, Willum, whose life was saved by a stranger during the Vietnam War. When his lifesaver comes to visit, everything that can go wrong does. His hero turns out to be an incredibly inept, hopelessly dumb “nerd”. Upon realizing that Rick will overstay his welcome with a vengeance, Willum puts together an outrageous plan to rid himself of this wacky GI who came to dinner. ”A neatly crafted package that brings the audience to its knees, laughing.”– THE

The Lonesome West
directed by
Stephanie Coltrin

Aug 22 – Sep 15, 2019
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Journey to the west of Ireland where McDonagh’s vision of small-town despair, restlessness, and plain old boredom inspire behavior of the homicidal sort. Two brothers squabble over the inheritance left by their recently deceased father. Also, there’s a rumor about town that one of them may have murdered the father over a haircut-related insult. The local parish priest and a young girl from the community, also their bootleg whiskey supplier, make futile attempts to keep the brothers from quarreling.

ADVISORY: Graphic language, slurs, onstage violence, and dark themes.

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